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Support for Families

People in prison and their families have turned to the Prison Society since our founding 235 years ago. For families with a loved one behind bars, we’re an invaluable source of reliable information: how to stay connected, what’s happening in a particular facility, and information about accessing help for your loved one.  
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1 to 1 Assistance

On average, we receive 300 calls from families each month, with questions and concerns about their loved ones and what is happening in prisons. We take the time to answer every call and listen to every concern.

Having a loved one who is incarcerated comes with its own unique set of challenges, which is why our approach is individualized. Our helpline staff and trained volunteers are equipped to expect the unexpected. Be it lockdowns, inclement weather, or health emergencies, we respond to every question we receive. Our typical response time is 2-3 business days at most. Families can contact our helpline for information, or ask for assistance on behalf of a loved one behind bars.

Please check our FAQs before giving us a call. Please note, we are not able to provide legal advice or to assist with specific details of pending criminal cases.

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Family FAQ Page

Here, we’ve collected the questions we most commonly receive.

Our Family FAQ page is designed to help families find answers. This page is updated on a regular basis with the most current information.

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Promoting Connection

Prison is isolating by design. It separates people from one another, all too often breaking bonds between incarcerated people, their loved ones, and society more broadly.

Visiting is an important way to maintain relationships and connections through incarceration. Families call us for information about how to make sure visits go as smoothly as possible - our staff are experts and can help loved ones navigate confusing visiting policies, schedule virtual calls and in person visits, as well as to set expectations for children and adults alike who may be visiting a prison for the first time.

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“Words can’t even express what you all mean to my son and I and countless others and their families as well.”MAYRA – HELPLINE CALLER