How We Help

We Help
We provide assistance to incarcerated people and their families, work to ensure vital support networks are kept alive while someone is incarcerated, and provide a window into the closed world of prisons, exposing and addressing the most serious issues. 

Support for Families

People in prison and their families have turned to the Prison Society since our founding 235 years ago. For families with a loved one behind bars, we’re an invaluable source of reliable information: how to stay connected, what’s happening in a particular facility, and information about accessing help for your loved one.  

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Prison Monitoring

Recognizing the importance of how people in prison are treated is why our nation's founders started the Prison Society in 1787. On any given day, there are approximately 62,000 people incarcerated in Pennsylvania, at an annual cost of $5 billion dollars.

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Support for People in Prison

We believe that everyone deserves support and compassion, regardless of their charge. We provide a continuum of support to incarcerated people, from their time in prison through their return to the community.

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Education & Advocacy

Our advocacy efforts drive important conversations on prison conditions and frame the debate on incarceration. We provide information that’s critical for the public, our elected representatives, and prison administrators to make informed decisions.

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Experience convenience with the Prison Society's bus transportation. Connect with your incarcerated loved ones through hassle-free, affordable rides to correctional facilities. Our reliable service ensures safe travel, bringing families closer and fostering vital emotional connections during challenging times. Reuniting loved ones, one journey at a time.

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