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Everyone deserves health, safety and dignity

Is to be Treated with Dignity

Mass incarceration is the civil rights challenge of our time. The human and financial costs are staggering.

A woman with a child holding hands with an inmate who is behind bars.
1 in 2
Americans have a loved one who has spent time in jail or prison
Children in Pennsylvania have a parent who is currently incarcerated
Is spent by Pennsylvania tax payers annually to incarcerate 62,000 people

How We Help

Jail bars behind text.

We Are The Go-To For  People In Prison And Families.

We provide direct assistance to incarcerated people and families, work to ensure vital support networks are kept alive through incarceration, and provide a window into the closed world of prisons, exposing the most serious issues.

Our Unique Access

We Are The State’s Only Independent Monitor Of Prisons.

The Prison Society is the only organization in the Commonwealth with legal authority to visit any prison or jail. We are on the ground in all 85 correctional institutions in Pennsylvania, connecting with a community hidden from public view, and providing honest and timely first-hand reports and data.

Graphic of a volunteer visiting an inmate who is behind bars, lights are off.Graphic of a volunteer visiting an inmate who is behind bars, lights are on.

Where We Are

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We Monitor Every Jail And Prison In  Pennsylvania.

Small Blue Triangle indicating State Facility
State Facility
Small orange circle indicating County Facility.
County Facility
Small blue icon indicating County with County Facilities Only.
County With County Facilities Only
Small dark blue icon indicating County with County and State Facilities.
County With County and State Facilities
Small grey icon indicating No Data Available.
No Correctional Facility

How You Can Help

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Every Action Counts–And We’re Counting On You.

Our broken prison system affects us all. There is so much we can and must do. By taking action with us, you can play an important role in helping people who are suffering needlessly and advancing prison reform.

Real Stories

My Kids Were My Guiding Light.”
- Incarcerated Individual (SCI Houtzdale)
After 38 Years, Coming Back Home Was Hard.”
- Incarcerated Individual (SCI Houtzdale)
I Was Given The Tools To Start My Own Business”
- Incarcerated Individual (SCI Houtzdale)
I’m Glad To Have Come Home Safe And Healthy.”
- Incarcerated Individual (SCI Houtzdale)
Quotation marks
He is the heart, soul and face of the Society.
These guys will thank me for just showing up
It just fills my heart.
It brings a lot of joy to my heart.
Time is stopping for women in there.
If you don’t see your family, you lose hope.
I just want to continue to help more people.
I should have been out and I wasn't.
Because of Nancy, we both have hope
If nothing changes, nothing changes.
Being mentored has had a monumental impact.
I’m excited for his life to begin again.