Real Story

What people don’t realize about those on the inside is that there is someone on the outside there with them.

Supporting Families

A mother's story of hope and connection

This past week, I felt like my life could begin. My youngest son, Corey, was released from prison after eight long years. He’s back home with us, and it’s the first time I’ve truly exhaled in nearly a decade. He went in when he was just 20-years-old, and today he is a grown man of 28.

Corey was convicted in 2014 and sentenced to 8-to-20 years in prison. I was devastated. I have no other family members or loved ones who’ve experienced incarceration; this was a new and extremely difficult experience. Between managing all the dates, paperwork, and fees for various items; keeping track of his location (he spent time in Graterford, Camp Hill, SCI Forest, Frackville, and Mahanoy); and trying to maintain a connection to my son; I was lost, exhausted, and frustrated. I had no one to turn to for support and help.

When I discovered the Prison Society, I found the community I needed, the community I craved.

When I discovered the Prison Society, I found the community I needed, the community I craved. Initially, I took advantage of Society’s busing services to visit Corey as he was moved across the state. I connected with everyone I met and was so grateful for all the assistance with navigating the system. When the Pandemic hit, I had so many questions. The Prison Society was always there to help me find answers. When I was invited to be on the Society’s Community Advisory Council, I jumped at the chance to get more involved—I actually begged them to let me join!

The Corey I know is sensitive, generous, romantic—he truly is a “momma’s boy.” He is hard working and has an entrepreneurial spirit (he’s already making plans to launch an exciting business venture—stay tuned!). I said earlier that I’m excited for my life to begin; but, really, I’m excited for HIS life to begin.