Take Action 
Tell city leaders to respond to the deadly crisis in Philadelphia jails.

People are dying and getting seriously hurt inside Philadelphia’s jails. Every day the city ignores this emergency more lives are at risk.

So far this year, 14 people have died in the city’s prisons, as violence goes unchecked, the basic needs of people in custody are neglected, and inhumane living conditions worsen. 


There are two key issues driving this crisis: a severe staff shortage and a jail population that has risen well beyond what the prisons are equipped to handle. Help us put pressure on the city to take action now.


If you want to take action, here's how:


Call members of the Philadelphia City Council and demand that they take action to address dangerous and inhumane conditions in jails before more people die.

You can find the telephone number for the council member for your district and council members at large (who represent the whole city) here.



Here's an example of what you could say:


My name is [your name] from [your district].


I am calling to ask [your council member] to get the city to address the crisis in Philadelphia jails before more people die. 


The staff shortages and unnecessarily high jail populations put people at risk of grave injury and death every day they are confined in the Philadelphia jails. Pennsylvania families deserve to be assured their loved ones are safe while they are incarcerated. I am asking that [your council member] get the city to take action immediately. 

I can be reached at [your number].



Help us have an even greater impact:


Share this information with others. That way, City Council will have more calls, which translates into more people being heard. In the end, the more people who call, the more the City will need to pay attention.