Take Action

Call on Governor Wolf to safely reopen prisons for in-person visits by Memorial Day.

It has now been 14 months that people incarcerated in Pennsylvania state prisons have gone without a visit from family, friends or loved ones.  But the Department of Corrections, and most county jails, have refused to announce when families will be allowed to visit prisons again. 


It’s time for the DOC to commit to a plan to safely resume visits in state prisons.



If you want to take action, here's how:


Call or write Governor Wolf and let him know that families need the State to commit to a plan to safely resume in-person visits in prisons by Memorial Day.

What to expect if you call: 


The Governor’s main number is 717-787-2500. When you call, you will hear an automated message. Press 3 to be connected to the Governor's office. After another brief automated message, you will be placed in a queue with hold music. You then will get a live person who is available to take your message. 


What to expect if you email:

The Governor’s office has an online web form. You will be asked to fill out your personal information and to select an issue area. Select “Correctional Services” from the drop-down and then insert your message.

Here's an example of what you could say:

My name is [your name] from [your county].

I am calling to ask for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections to resume in-person visits by Memorial Day.  


Pennsylvania families deserve to see their loved ones now.


Departments of Corrections in 28 states are allowing in-person visits. You have ordered Pennsylvania to lift nearly all COVID-19 restrictions at the end of the month. Please make in-person visits for loved ones part of the state’s Memorial Day reopening plan.

I can be reached at [your number].​

Help us have even greater impact:

Share this information with others. That way, Governor Wolf will have more calls and emails, which translates into more people being heard. In the end, the more people who call and email, the more the State will need to pay attention.