Philadelphia Department of Prisons Visiting Guidelines (English)
Update: December 2021

Starting Monday, November 15th, in person visiting for vaccinated people in custody will resume on State Road. Visits must be made in advance online. Walk-ins are not permitted. The PDP will continue to offer free phone calls and virtual visits via tablets to all people in custody regardless of vaccination status.All visits must be scheduled here: (This is a different platform than is used to schedule video visits)

Q. What facilities are allowed visits?

All facilities in the Philadelphia Department of Prisons are available for visits. Visits are rotated weekly to ensure that all eligible incarcerated people are able to receive visits. A schedule can be found on the PDP website here.

Q. Who is allowed visits?

Only vaccinated people in custody are allowed in person visiting, and all visitors and incarcerated people must abide by social distancing and COVID mitigation procedures at the facilities. Visitors must agree to a temperature screening and wear a cloth and surgical mask at all times. People in custody held in medical lockdown/quarantine will not be allowed to visit, even if they are vaccinated.

Q. Who can visit?

Only one adult and one child (ages 11-17) per visit. Children may not visit during school hours, and the adult visiting with them must provide proof of custody or a birth certificate. Visitors do not need to provide proof of vaccination. Please abide by the Philadelphia Department of Prison’s visiting rules.

Q. How long will visits be?

Visits will be limited to one hour per week. Do not arrive at the facility more than ten minutes before your scheduled visit time slot.

Q. How do I schedule a visit?

You must schedule a visit at least 48 hours (2 days) in advance. We recommend a week in advance, as time slots to visit may fill up quickly. You must schedule your visit at this link:

If you do not have an account, you must first register for one on the link above. Once your visit is scheduled, you should receive a confirmation email from GTL.

People in custody have assigned days based on the first letter of their last name. Prior to scheduling, make sure you check which visiting day your loved one is scheduled for. (The scheduler system will allow you to schedule regardless of accuracy, even if your loved one is not scheduled for that day, so be sure to check to confirm.)

A-C Monday

D-H Tuesday

I-M Wednesday

N-S Thursday

T-Z Friday

(**Saturday only for designated populations)

Q. I’m having issues with the scheduler. What should I do?

If you need assistance scheduling or registering, please contact the GTL CustomerService line for technical issues at (800) 646-6283 or via email at PDP Scheduling System also includes a FAQ page.

You can also contact the Prison Society at (215) 564-4775 and we will do our best to help troubleshoot the issue.