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Skateboard trucks are mounted to the back of the deck and provide support for the whole skateboard. Your riding experience critically depends on the quality of the trucks since they manipulate the way you turn or do other tricks.

There are several types of skateboard trucks on the market to choose from. However, each product is specially designed for a particular purpose. In this post, I will discuss with you hơ to find suitable trucks for your skating style.

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First of all, for skaters who want to perform tricks evolving flipping or turning frequently, they might need a lighter truck. Based on my experience, Havoc trucks are doing very well in this area since they provide light and compact trucks with simple appearances.

With Havoc trucks, skaters will experience an extremely lightweight without sacrificing any of the functionality. These products are made of light-weight aluminum alloy which costs less than other trucks. In my opinion, this product is the number one option for beginners and children.

The second common skating style is street skating. For this style, I recommend you try out Independent Silver trucks with medium height. The truck is the upgraded version of the Independent Stage 10 with a find-drilled baseplate and better balance providing capability.

For skating in skateparks, a low-height truck may be better since it has a perfect balance and gives skateboarders a smooth landing. To perform difficult tricks and conquer obstacles, low-height products are nominated by all experienced skaters.

If you haven’t known how to choose suitable trucks or have any questions on this topic, you can always visit SkateAdvisors to read more.

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