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If your seller account has been deactivated then you are possibly one of those whose account has been suspended by Amazon. Amazon is very strict about its terms and policy. If it finds you to have Violation of any rules against Amazon policy then it will immediately suspend the seller's account because Amazon seeks impeccable customer service. But the seller has the opportunity to reap the advantages of the Amazon Restatement Service.

Few Steps Essential For Amazon Reinstatement Service

1) Know the reason behind suspension:

Initially, the seller should read and understand the reason behind the suspension in the suspension letter. Know the mistake which was made by you? knowing the mistake you will be able to proceed ahead in the right direction.

2) Plan of action

After clearly reading the letter of suspension you are required to design a plan of action. You would have to include three things in your plan of action.

1. Explain what you have done to fix your issue.

2. Explain the cause behind suspension and accept your fault.

3. Explain what you have done to prevent committing mistakes in the future.

3) Writing an appeal letter:

After preparing a plan of action you are required to write an effective letter. You need a professional for writing a proper appeal letter with suitable procedure.

Apply :

Now apply your appeal letter for Amazon reinstatement service and wait for 3 days, you will get a response within 3 days. If your appeal might have been accepted then begin selling again and if your appeal letter is denied then you are required to improve your appeal letter.

Now let us understand the several reasons for your suspension.

Reasons behind Amazon Account Suspension:

1. Selling illegal/ prohibited products

2. Negative reviews or Feedback on your product listing

3. Duplicate or fake account

4. Copyright issue

5. Selling fake Items

6. Late Shipment Rate

7. Selling old item as new


Account suspension is not the end of the story but being a seller you can avail of the advantages of Amazon reinstatement services. Don’t hurry, keep patience and don’t follow the short cut. It is better to take assistance from any professional person, He will suggest you in the suitable way. Because an unsuitable way of an appeal letter can completely close your account. Thus it is better to keep patience and relax. Actually, we have a team of legal eCommerce experts who will help in writing the effective appeal Letter and your account will be activated very soon. Thus consult us at amiwap anytime we are always available to help you.

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