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All you need to know about the pros and cons of hub drive and belt drive e-board

Almost all esk8 use either an in-wheel hub motor or an externally placed belt-driven motor. We'll go through the primary benefits and drawbacks of both of these designs so you can make an informed purchasing decision. We'll start with hub drive motors and work our way down. On the other hand, eSkateBuddy also has the benefits and drawbacks of hub and belt drives information that you can check out.

Benefits of an electric skateboard with a hub

1. Hub motors are lighter than comparable belt-driven electric skateboards because they merge the wheel and motor into one unit.

2. Less maintenance and wearing parts: there are no gears, belts, or chains to lube or replace, maintenance and costs are reduced. It also makes the motor water-resistant because there are fewer entry points for water.

3. Freewheeling ability: Hub motors have the lowest amount of friction while not in use. When the battery dies, a hub motor-driven electric skateboard is rather easy to ride.

4. Quiet operation: It's not only encased with Urethane rubber, but it also doesn't have a gear drive to add to the noise.

5. Higher maximum speed: Because there is no gear drive to compound torque at the price of speed, a hub-driven electric skateboard is normally intended to give a higher top speed than a similarly manufactured belt-driven board. If you are interested in other topics about electric skateboarding, then have a look into eSkateBuddy’s opinion on Facebook

Limitations of an electric skateboard with a hub

1. Less heat dissipation: Since hub motors are encased in an Urethane rubber sleeve, they store heat more efficiently than an externally mounted motor on a belt-driven board exposed to air circulation.

2. Wheel swapping is more difficult: the motor is enclosed within the wheel, and wheel swapping is more difficult than on a belt-driven electric skateboard.

3. No torque multiplication: Because the motor is linked directly to the wheel and there is no gear drive in between multiple torques, a hub-driven board can only give a straight 1:1 drive ratio.

Benefits of an electric skateboard with a belt drive

1. Better heat dissipation: When riding a belt-driven board, the engine is hooked to the trucks and the board is open to circulating air.

2. More wheel possibilities: belt-driven boards will always offer more wheel alternatives. Because the motor is independent of the wheel, it may stay on the board, allowing you to use a wider variety of wheel types.

3. No torque multiplication: A hub-driven board can only provide a straight 1:1 drive ratio since the motor is connected directly to the wheel and there is no gear drive in between to multiple torques.

The disadvantages of an electric skateboard with a belt drive

1. Loud by design: The belt itself, as well as the exposed motor, will produce some noise. So to answer the question, which one is superior? eSkateBuddy on Pinterest will help you.

2. Requires More Maintenance and Part Replacement: a belt-driven board's belt will need to be replaced every 300-600 miles.

3. Difficult to ride without battery power: When the battery dies, it's nearly impossible to keep riding.

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