Our nation’s founders came together 233 years ago to form the Pennsylvania Prison Society; a ‘society’ or group of people dedicated to the proposition that all among us are entitled to a life of dignity and caring.  A community that believes that the criminal justice system should restore hope and the possibility of a “life of virtue and happiness,” not dash hope and end lives.  

For 233 years we have advanced this mission, through wars, pandemics, and political upheaval.  This year has been remarkable.  But our focus, just like in centuries past, has not wavered.    

Every year, for 233 years, we have come together as a community to honor those among us that exemplify our mission.  We call this annual event our “Love Above Bars Bash” and the crowning moment of the bash is when we celebrate members of our community for their steadfast work.

This year, we are staying apart out of caring and concern for one another.  Instead of inviting you to celebrate with us in person, we are inviting you to celebrate here.  Below you can meet our award recipients and hear directly from them. You can also help us celebrate by making a gift in honor of our awardees that directly supports our critical work.

Dave Moyer

Prison Society Volunteer of the Year,

Montgomery County

Claire Shubik-Richards

Executive Director

Thomas J. Innes

Board President, '19, '20

Kevin Bowman

Incarcerated Person of the Year,

SCI Chester

Kim Drum

Correctional Employee of the Year,

DOC Central Office


Help us celebrate!

Make a gift in honor of our awardess and help fund our critical work.