Spread & Mitigation of COVID-19 in PA Prisons

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Toggle between maps to see how prison populations in county prisons have declined in the first five weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak and to see which state and county prisons have had confirmed COVID-19 cases.

This map was created with assistance from the Vera Institute

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Recent Updates 
Media Mentions

Pa. Supreme Court refuses to order blanket release of prison inmates due to coronavirus, April 03, 2020

"The state Supreme Court on Friday rejected a plea by the Pennsylvania Prison Society to order a blanket release of some grades of prison inmates to protect them from the coronavirus. The high court did, however, order county president judges to confer with other county officials “to review immediately the current capabilities of the county correctional institutions in their judicial districts to address the spread of COVID-19.”

Prisons and the coronavirus is the topic of today’s Coronavirus Q & A on Facebook Live, April 10, 2020

"Claire Shubik-Richards, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Prison Society, appeared on PennLive’s Coronavirus Q & A on Facebook Live to discuss what’s being done to protect prisoners in Pennsylvania and what we know now, and whether the virus has already started to claim lives."

Life Has Moved to Zoom. Can Prison Visitation Do the Same?, April 28, 2020

“Under normal circumstances, the Society offers a transportation program, bussing people around the state to visit incarcerated loved ones. With that on hold, it’s been helpful to offer an alternative to allow people to connect face to face with their loved ones, said Noelle Gambale, who’s been helping people troubleshoot Zoom visitation on behalf of the organization.”


  • All visitor buses from the Prison Society are suspended until further notice. 

  • The Department of Correction has suspended ALL visits statewide until further notice. 

  • Our Hope Alive meetings are cancelled until further notice.

  • Our Parenting classes are cancelled until further notice.



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