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Spread & Mitigation of 
COVID-19 in PA Prisons



How to use this map

Click on any county for regularly updated news and information on COVID-19 infections and vaccination in county jails and state prisons (SCIs). 

Toggle between maps to see

  • which county prisons are vaccinating people in custody and staff

  • COVID-19 cases among people in custody and staff in state and county prisons

  • the total number of COVID-19 deaths in state prisons among people in custody and staff and

  • how prison populations in county prisons declined in 2020


  • Vaccinations of staff and people in custody have begun in all SCIs.

  • COVID-19 infection data in SCIs includes both people in custody and staff and is updated daily based on data reported on the Department of Corrections' COVID-19 Dashboard.

This map was created with assistance from the Vera Institute

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Media Mentions

COVID is ravaging the incarcerated. Where are the solutions? Generocity, January 22, 2021

Despite all the usual measures to reduce the spread of COVID in congregate settings — mask-wearing, social distancing, increased sanitizing, lockdowns — Secretary of the Department of Corrections John Wetzel reports that the number of incarcerated people who are infected is increasing


Pa. prisons don’t always tell families when inmates are sick  The Citizen's Voice, January 18, 2021

“If the DOC has shown that they can go cell-to-cell and get important (stimulus) documentation completed, they should be lauded for it,” said Claire Shubik-Richards, executive director of the Pennsylvania Prison Society, the state’s unofficial ombudsman for prisoners and their families. “That level of competency means they could go cell-to-cell and get people to think about who they want notified, and also afford the opportunity list more than one name.”

Coronavirus raging through Pa. and Lehigh Valley prisons, infecting guards as well as inmates The Morning Call, January 2, 2021

"Advocacy groups like FAMM and the Pennsylvania Prison Society say the immediate, safe reduction of the prison population is imperative to saving lives."


  • All visitor buses from the Prison Society are suspended until further notice. 

  • Our Parenting classes are cancelled until further notice.

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