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Join the movement to stop abuse behind bars. Your gift ensures we have the support we need to provide justice and compassion to all. Any level of support brings us closer to accomplishing our mission. Since we are a non-profit organization, your gift is tax-deductible.  





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A contribution of $40 or more, makes you a member of the Pennsylvania Prison Society. In 1787, a small group of Pennsylvanians came together to take a stand for human rights and just criminal laws. They called themselves the Pennsylvania Prison Society. Each member pledged 44 shillings a year, the equivalent of $300 today, and dedicated their time and commitment to the cause. 


230 years later, the Society has grown to several hundred members and our commitment stays the same. As a member you receive:

  • A subscription to Graterfriends, a newsletter that provides news and a venue for prisoners' voices;

  • Periodic news and information about criminal justice and correctional issues from the Prison Society;

  • An invitation to attend the Annual Meeting, which features relevant keynote speakers, and a reception.

You may also send a money order or check to our office at: 

230 South Broad St, Suite 605

Philadelphia, PA 19102

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230 South Broad Street, Suite 605

Philadelphia, PA 19102

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